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If you are planning to build websites to make money online, and  are wondering how to build them since you don’t have any technical  skills, you don’t  have to worry one bit as there is a wonderful program called WordPress to build beautiful websites.

Watch the video below to learn more about WordPress.

Now you can watch another good video which gives you an overview of WordPress and it’s administration Dashboard.

Now once you have installed WordPress on your domain and hosting, the next two important things to do are installing a Theme and the required plugins. So please watch below a video explaining what a Theme is.

Usually WordPress provides a few free themes along with the installation. You can follow the suggestions in the above video or look elsewhere for other themes which are more suitable for your needs. Whichever theme you choose, ensure that it is a ‘responsive’ which means that this theme will adjust itself to become visible on cell phones, tablets and iPads.

There are lots of good free themes out there. To check out a huge number of free themes, click on FTHEMES and you will discover an amazing new free WordPress themes site! They are free to download and you can search using various combinations.

I have used FTTHEMES on some of the WordPress websites that I have created. Please click the web titles below to view those sites.

1. Best Save Marriage Tips
2. Natural Family Fitness
3. Real Gardening Tips
4. Natural Health Tips

The above are using free themes, but if you want something which was created by internet Marketers, you could look at the Socrates theme which you will have to buy. I have used Socrates on one of my sites. Click on the website title below to view it.

My Natural Health Mall

So as you can see, with WordPress you can create any kind of website as per your requirement. Anyone can easily learn to create similar or even better looking sites. Even without any  technical skills , but with a little bit of patience and effort, I was able to create such websites and so you will also be able to churn out hundreds of similar or even better looking and functional websites if you put your mind to it.

Installing Themes

The themes can be from two sources. (1) When you create a WordPress (WP) website, you get many themes by default and you can see them on the admin dashboard of your website under “Appearance”. (2) If these themes are not to your liking, then you can buy what you need from the web. So in this case the themes can be from FTHEMES, Socrates, etc.

So watch the video below to understand how the default themes from WP are installed.

Let’s now watch a video to see how you can instal a theme that you have purchased and downloaded to your computer.


Now that we are more or less WP Theme experts, it’s time to find out what Plugins are and why we need them on a WordPress website. In a nutshell, plugins enhance and extend the functionality of a wordpress site. We can classify them into, must have and nice to have. We will talk about this later. Let’s watch a video on how to instal plugins.


Some plugins are considered essential for your website and it would be a good idea to follow the general trend regarding this. There are varying opinons about the number of important plugin we should have on our website.. Some say it is seven, while others claim that it is at least ten or eleven.

So let’s watch a few videos on recommendations  on what are the must have plugins. After watching these videos, we shall decide for ourselves what plugins to install on our websites for best functionality.

pluginsNow…In the world of WordPress Plugins, there are more than thousands of plugins that you can use. Some are free, some you have to pay for. But the big question, is…As an online business owner, what WordPress Plugins will truly help you ?

Which ones will help you run your business better? Save you time? And also save you money? Help your website rank better? Help your website be user friendly?

These are some of the questions you should ask yourself.

Introducing WordPress Plugin Secrets. In this video tutorial series, you will receive an introduction to ten sections and why we chose these wordpress plugins. While there are over 10-11 thousand wordpress plugins, we can only recommend a few. While that’s not to say the other plugins are not that great, these are ones that we have found to be very useful for ourselves.

Click on WordPress Plugin Scecrets or the image above to learn more about these tutorial videos about the most useful plugins we should have.


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