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Hello Everyone,

This page will be maintained to post any important information that comes to mind. So if you are a newbie trying make money online, please check this page regularly.
It is only fair that you should know that if anyone buys any product through links on this website, I will get a commission. One reason the banners and links are placed is to give the newbie an idea about how banners and links should be placed, the second reason is to give the newbie information about available useful courses and the third reason is that the commission thus earned will help me to meet the costs of maintaining this website, such as the wordpress theme, domain and hosting costs.


Important Reminder: Try to learn as much as possible about bringing free traffic to your website and affiliate links. Don’t go in for paid traffic while you are a newbie. But it is OK to buy traffic generation courses from reputed websites or from the banners/links that you find on this website. Don’t buy all of them together, but one at a time, read it, master and implement the techniques learned, evaluate the results and repeat those processes which you had brought you success. Without traffic you will not make any money.


The videos found on the Home Page have been selected to give you an overall general knowledge about affiliate marketing and other matters connected to it. So do take time to watch them. The videos placed on other pages will provide you with specific information

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