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To make your website very popular and to get indexed by search engines, you need to provide information that people are looking for on a large variety of subjects. This information is called ‘content’ in internet marketing circles.

So you have chosen a niche to promote and you have decided to put up a website but what about the required content you need to place on your website ? Are you good in writing articles ? Can you write any number of interesting articles on any one subject or a number of subjects. Well, if you can then you have an advantage, but the truth is that the average marketer may not be able to write even a single article to save his life.

But if you can, you are one of the lucky ones as then you can write articles and sell them on the net for profit.
Coming back to us, what are we going to do for content ? No need to despair ! We can use Private Label Rights (PLR) articles to fill up your site with the necessary content. There are a vast number of websites selling PLR articles and such can be bought. The articles can be bought individually, in packs or if need be, take a monthly membership at such sites so that our monthly requirements will be met. According to the conditions of the license, the buyer is allowed to manipulate PLR articles to suit his needs and he can even claim ownership.

As others would also be buying the same PLR for their websites, the same articles will show up on several sites. This kind of ‘duplicate content’ is frowned upon by search engines and websites having such duplicate content may get ignored by them.

No need to despair again. What marketers do in such situations is that they rewrite a good part of the PLR keeping the general idea intact and also make minor changes to the title so that the rewritten article become original content.
As this is a laborious process, they often use software which rewrites or spins these articles to make them unique. Though it saves the marketer a lot of time, the end result will need rechecking as grammatical mistakes are bound to creep in during the spinning process.
The other alternative is to commission article writers to write articles for you which will be unique but expensive.
Buying PLR in the form of articles, Eboooks, software, etc. and rebranding it as your own and reselling them at a higer price is also another way of making money on the net.

Watch the videos below to get an idea about PLR and watch also PLR videos on the Home Page.


You should try to learn and use PLR as much as possible as it is an important part of making money online especially if you are putting up niche websites. Please click on the link to be taken to the  PLR Profits Course .

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