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How much will it cost ?

No doubt when we embark on a business venture we have to know how much it’s going to cost us.  If we want to make money, we will naturally have to invest some money. The good news is that it will only be a reasonable amount because you discovered this website.

Let me list below the costs involved, with my recommendations. This is the initial cost for setting up one website.

  1. Domain name registration – Yearly cost for a single domain is around $10/- at DomainIT.
  2. Hosting charge – Monthly about $5/- if you take the shared PLUS hosting from BlueHost. With this plan, you can host any number of websites you wish. According to the conditions of this plan at the time of buying hosting, you may get one FREE domain registration.

Later on, if you want to build more websites with its own domain name, such names will have to registered at a cost of $10/- or so for each per year.

WordPress installation from  is free when you have a Domain and Hosting.

As mentioned elsewhere on this website, it will be a good idea to buy The Super Affiliate Handbook  and join the two membership programs  which are Chris Farrell Membership and Resell Rights Weekly membership.  All three provide good value for money. Please click on the highlighted names above to get the cost of the above recommendations.

With Chris Farrell membership, you not only get useful  training but also free done-for-you websites on some popular niches.

In Resell Rights Weekly, in addition tons of video training you will get free access to lots of products that you can resell if you become a Gold member.

In my honest view, this is all that  a newbie needs to have to start the training. Other than the information available on this website, whatever else the newbie needs to know and learn is covered in the above book and memberships.

TIP: You will come across lots of quick get rich schemes, push button income,  passive income on autopilot, etc. on the net.  At your present level of knowledge, it will be difficult for you to know whether these are genuine or not and so my suggestion is for you to stay from them for the time being.

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