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Building a website.

You can build websites for all kinds of reasons. Here, we are talking about building website(s) to make money through affiliate marketing, which is, placing links to other people’s products on your website and getting a commission whenever a visitor buys a product through the affiliate link on your website.

To be able to place product links on your website or elsewhere, you will first have to apply and get approved as an affiliate. Once you are approved as their affiliate, you will have access to product banners, links, articles, emails, etc. to place on your website to promote their products.

The best companies to become affiliates  for newbies are Clickbank, who sell digital products and Amazon who sell all kinds of consumer goods. More on this elsewhere on this website.

I remember the days in the past when only software engineers knew how to make websites.  They initially used  some coding language called “html” to make static websites and later on more advanced programme called “php” to make dynamic sites in which animation and interaction were possible.

So in those days we were at the mercy of these software engineers and web developers to create a website for whatever reason.

Then something wonderful happened with the advent of a blogging platform called WordPress. It was really simple to use and anyone could easily learn to create blogs. But it had its limitations. But then with the rapid evolution of technology, programs called ‘plugins’ were developed to use with WordPress to make it more customizable.

When this happened, it became really simple to create great websites that we could make websites without the help of web developers.

So click on WordPress for video tutorials on how to build websites for affiliate marketing.

Now let’s look at the steps to be followed to put up a WordPress website for affiliate marketing.

People all over the world are hungry for information. They are looking for all kinds on information, mostly on how to do things. So you should pick on a subject that you are passionate about and build a website around that subject. It could be anything like, golfing, dog training, gardening , etc.  In internet marketing circles, such a subject is called a niche.

Next, you have to have a domain name for your website, which is an address for visitors to find you on the web.  For example the domain name of this website is

You will notice that the domain name says what the website is about. You should pick a domain name which gives an idea about the niche which you have selected.

The domain name that you select should be simple and easy to remember. The name that you are looking for may not be available as other people may also have registered similar names. So you could use a website such as domainit to get domain name suggestions and domain registration.

Domain names will come with various extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .info, etc. Try to register your domain with a .com extension. Also try to avoid domain names with hyphens and numbers.

The cost of registering a domain would be about $10 or less per year depending on the Registrar.

To be able to make and receive online payments, you would need a credit card and a PayPal account. Go to and sign up for a business account.

Web Hosting

Once you have registered your domain name, you will have to host your domain with a web hosting company. There are many hosting companies and I have suggested here one which provides decent support.  I am talking about bluehost. They have great customer service and support.

Choose a hosting plan which allows unlimited additional websites and for a beginner, I would suggest bluehost’s Plus Plan in shared hosting. So choose your desired plan and buy hosting following the screen prompts—————————————————————————————————————————————

TIP: Though you will be able to proceed by following the information that you find on this website and others, your knowledge of these procedures will improve when you actually start working on them.


So now that you have your chosen domain name registered and have also bought hosting, the next thing is to connect the two together.  This is done by what is called pointing the DNS to your hosting account.

From your hosting account you will get what is called the “Name Servers” .  Usually there will be two of them.  It will look something like the following:


Now you have to go back to your domain registrar’s account and look for the option to change DNS.In it you will have different options for change and what you should do is to choose the “custom” option and save the change. Watch a video below to get a better idea of the process.

Now you can go into the cpanel of the your hosting account by typing in and sign in using the userid and password given to you by your hosting company. Once you are in there, you can install your wordpress site using the facility provided. Watch a video below to learn about a typical hosting cpanel functions.

Now that you have seen what a cpanel looks like and its functions, you can view a video on how to install WordPress on website using your hosting account’s cpanel.



There are other ways to install WordPress and if you need to know more about them, just go to and type in “installing wordpress using cpanel” into the search box and watch the videos that are available.

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